• Have contemplative leisure and practice recreational, educational and interpretive activities, in touch with the natural environment, with the main objective of encouraging visitors to respect and appreciate the importance of these resources;
  • Practice physical activities (walking, running, and stretching), exclusively between 6 AM and 9 AM for registered visitors;
  • Have picnics and small gatherings, limited to a maximum of 20 people. Available tables and benches are occupied on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be reserved in advance. Visitors cannot bring their own tables, chairs, or other decorative items.


  • Access being 12 years old or younger without a guardian;
  • Ride bicycles, scooters, roller skates, skateboards or similar vehicles;
  • Enter with objects that may damage the property or disturb public order, such as balls, balloons, kites, petecas, Frisbees or equivalent, aero models or drones, as well as fireworks, loud music and musical instruments, except for non-amplified stringed instruments;
  • Enter with plants or parts of plants, of native or exotic flora and/or plant any species of plant in the visitation area, restricted access areas and surrounding woods;
  • Enter with any animal, except for service guide dogs;
  • Climbing or hanging from railings, fences, benches, monuments, the Historic Gate and other structures or equipment, as well as leaning on structures in such a way that may damage them;
  • Write, engrave, paint or attach signs, stickers, posters, notices or objects of any kind on trees and other plants, signs and maps, structures and monuments, such as benches, bridges, walls, drinking fountains, statues, buildings and other constructions and equipment;
  • Pluck, damage or pick up branches, flowers, leaves, fruits and seeds from the ground, or from any plant;
  • Feed, capture, mistreat, harass, or kill any animal, as well as destroy or damage their nests, shelters, and natural breeding grounds;
  • Climb, hang hammocks, swings, ropes or any objects on trees or other plants;
  • Remove or damage the signposts and/or identification plates of the plants;
  • Enter with drinks, food and smoking inside the buildings (Greenhouses, Museum and restaurant) and on the trails;
  • Bring or light gas stoves, bonfires, grills, torches or any objects that can produce fire;
  • Make excessive noise that may frighten or stress the animals and disturb other visitors;
  • Enter the lakes and/or throw objects and food inside them;
  • Perform rituals or religious ceremonies and worships, as well as scatter ashes and mortal remains, offerings, light candles or censers;
  • Sell or offer merchandise and advertisement items, except when previously authorized;
  • Dispose of garbage outside of the specific containers and areas intended.