Learning, connecting and acting to preserve nature

Reconecta is our program that allows experiencing and learning with the animals and flora through Educational Visits. They are offered for schools and universities and need to be previously scheduled.


Direct connection with nature

Understanding how important it is to maintain our biodiversity alive by interacting with nature directly.

For all students

Personalized experiences for students and faculty to immerse themselves in the natural habitat of many plants and animals.

Within guidelines

It was developed according to the guidelines of Base Nacional Comum Curricular (BNCC) and Conservation Education standards by National and International zoos and botanical garden associations.


Our Educational Visits Program allows students and teachers to learn, experience, and be amazed by the plants’ own little world. Contact us to get the full detailed information and schedule your visit: Educational Visits occur Monday through Friday, both mornings and afternoons, for groups between 20 and 50 people

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The ideal itinerary for your group

How about choosing the best experience to visit the Botanical Garden?

In the Reconecta Program we offer 2 possibilities of educational visits:

Educational tours for schools
Educational tours for schools

With the help of our team of educators, students can be enchanted by nature and learn more about the world of plants. Check out our 1-hour or 2-hour tours and come to Jardim Botânico SP!

Unmediated experience for schools

Book your school group to have a self-guided (free) experience with your students at Jardim Botânico SP and receive our educational material to support your visit.

To book your visit, fill in the form below or contact us by e-mail:

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    Free visit for schools
    Free visit for schools

    Schedule your self-guided tour and receive exclusive support material created by our educators to further enrich your experience at Jardim Botânico SP!

    Educational itinerary for schools

    To (re)connect children and teenagers with nature, we offer various educational visits to the SP Botanical Garden.


    Students will be able to live a unique experience in the Botanical Garden with our educators, with the right to chat and experience nature, as well as a visit to the Botanical Museum, before the free tour of the park with the teachers.

    1 hour mediation + free/self-guided tour of the SP Botanical Garden

    All levels of education.

    Thursdays and Fridays. Check available times.


    Students will be able to go on themed educational tours, deepening their knowledge and connection with nature. Find out about the thematic options for each level of education.

    2-hour educational visit with educators from the SP Botanical Garden

    Thursdays and Fridays. Check available times.

    Kindergarten to 2nd year of Primary School I Plants in my Garden” script

    Elementary School I (from 3rd grade) and II – World of Plants” itinerary

    Elementary School and High School Atlantic Forest Expedition” itinerary

      Interest form

      Preencha o formulário abaixo para continuar com o pedido de agendamento.

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      Reconecta Program Rules – Educational visits for schools and universities

      General aspects of the Reconecta Program
      • The Reconecta Program’s educational experiences are offered to groups of students from elementary school (Kindergarten – from 4 years old, Elementary I and II and High School) to higher education.
      • The educational tours take place at the São Paulo Zoo (Zoo SP) on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, and at the São Paulo Botanical Garden (Jardim Botânico SP) on Thursdays and Fridays, except public holidays, in the morning or afternoon.
      • The Reconecta Program’s educational experiences cater for a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 50 participants per time slot, except for the Papo Animal experience (at Zoo SP), which can cater for a group of up to 250 participants in the same time slot (as long as they are at the same level of education).
      • For the educational tours of the Animal Adventure (at SP Zoo) and Verde Perto (at SP Botanical Garden) experiences, each educator will guide a group of no more than 25 students.

      • For each group of 10 (ten) elementary school students, 01 (one) teacher/supervisor or chaperone will be exempt. In the case of Higher Education groups, exemption will be granted to 01 (one) teacher/supervisor or chaperone for each group of 20 (twenty) students. The excess number of teachers/supervisors or accompanying persons must pay for the specific ticket for the visit scheduled under the Reconecta Program.
      • Tickets for the Reconecta Program’s educational tours are limited to Zoo SP and Jardim Botânico SP, and do not include visits to Dinosaur World and Safari SP.
      Changes, delays or cancellations
      • Changes to the number of participants and/or the date of the visit can be made as long as they are notified to the Zoo SP and Jardim Botânico SP service team no later than 5 (five) days before the scheduled date of the visit.
      • The Reconecta Program’s educational experiences are allowed to start 30 (thirty) minutes late, and under these conditions the visit may be altered. If the institution exceeds this period (30 minutes), the educational visit will be canceled and the group will only be able to make the free visit (without mediation) to the park, without the right to a refund of the Reconecta ticket.

      The educational institution’s responsibilities
      • Teachers/supervisors or chaperones must accompany the group, according to the regulations for the number of students (1 for every 10 elementary school students or 1 for every 20 university students), for the entire duration of the educational visit, and the SP Zoo or SP Botanical Garden educator will not follow their group’s visit without the presence of a teacher in charge.
      • Responsibility for the conduct of students and accompanying persons on the premises of Zoo SP and Jardim Botânico SP lies exclusively with the educational institution. The institution will be responsible for any damage that students, teachers or other people accompanying the group cause at Zoo SP and Jardim Botânico SP. In the event of damage, the educational institution must reimburse the damage caused.
      • The educational institution must be aware of all the rules and conditions of the Program and must send in digital format, by e-mail, the Visit Scheduling Form signed by the institution’s representative, within 05 (five) days prior to the visit, as a criterion for making the scheduling effective.
      • Subsequently, on the date of the appointment/visit, the educational institution must bring the original copy of the Visit Appointment Form.

      Write it down! Checklist to prepare the class for the visit

      Write it down! Checklist to prepare the class for the visit

      Arrive 15 minutes before the tour time.

      Bring your printed tickets.

      We don't have special parking for buses. If they want to park, the buses can access the official parking lot at the Botanical Garden, which is accessed from the street in front of the main ticket office. For bus parking fees, please check the website in advance:

      Take lots of photos and memories of the Botanical Garden.

      The SP Botanical Garden has toilets, drinking fountains and picnic areas to make your visit comfortable.

      It is not allowed to take materials from the Botanical Garden, such as leaves, plants, branches, stones, etc.

      Don't forget to bring all the mandatory documents for your visit with you.

      Before you visit, be sure to read our rules of conduct.

      See the rules of conduct